The Thickety: The Whispering Trees

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Kara Westfall is a witch without a grimoire. After she and her brother are chased out of their village, they have to take refuge in The Thickety, a malevolent forest, home to the Forest Demon Sordyr. As they travel, they meet the ancient crone Mary Kettle, notorious for boiling children alive to fuel her magical toys. Kara doesn’t want to trust her, but after Mary saves them from Sordyr, and promises not only to take them to the edge of the Thickety, but to teach Kara how to do magic without a grimoire, Kara has to. Soon, however, Kara must choose between saving her brother, or saving the Thickety.

My favorite part was the ending. It is a huge surprise; it made me wonder what Kara could have done, or what I would have done, better. Mary Kettle’s character is the best because she had the most depth. All the characters are well-drawn, though. This book tackles the idea of addiction in the form of the grimoires: will you give in to temptation to help your friends? Watching Kara struggle to do the right thing was interesting. I really felt for her as she tried to make the right choices.

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Author J. A. White, Andrea Offermann, Illustrator
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 528 pages
Publisher Katherine Tegen Books
Publish Date 10-Mar-2015
ISBN 9780062257291
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Issue March 2015
Category Tweens


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