The Strongest Man in the World: The Legend of Louis Cyr

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This is the true story of the strongest man in the world, Louis Cyr. He lived over 100 years ago, but until today nobody has lifted more than 4,300 pounds like he did. I was impressed by it! At age eight, he found a calf that got lost and carried it all the way home. At age twelve, he carried home a lumberjack who had sprained an ankle. He would impress everyone with his strength and would beat every single man at arm wrestling. When he met his future coach, who introduced him to weight lifting, he started to compete and became the strongest man in Canada by lifting a 570-pound stone. Then he started to earn his living by showing off: his best performance was the tug-of-war with four horses. In Boston, he reached his record, lifting 4,377 pounds. His strength was famous all over the world, and it came from the enormous amount of food he would eat. He even ate one whole pig in one meal! Cyr even went to Europe, from which he came back undefeated and became the strongest man in the world.

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Author Lucie Papineau • Caroline Hamel, Illustrator
Star Count 3/5
Format Hard
Page Count 40 pages
Publisher Auzou
Publish Date 2017-May-16
ISBN 9782733846148
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Issue June 2017
Category Children's


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