The Stone Door

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After best friends Izi and Alex dare Izi’s brother, Jason, to go into an old house, he doesn’t return, and the two girls must embark on a dangerous journey to save him. In the old root cellar, Alex and Izi find a key in the wall that opens a portal to another world. On the other side of the portal in a magical land called Zalexia, a talking hedgehog tells them about a witch named Esmeralda who had lived in that old house and may have taken Jason. The witch had also turned half of Zalexia into a dark forest. Esmeralda even put a curse on her own nephew, Mason. In return for Alex and Izi’s help, Mason gives them a portable hole, freeze dust, and strange green crystals. At the cabin that Esmeralda shares with her evil posse—two witches named Desdemona and Nadine—Alex uses the freeze dust on some visitors, and she and Izi pretend to be them so they can free Jason. They are all freed, but the girls realize that the witches have stolen the green crystals from them! The crystals have the power to turn evil to good, but when added to a mysterious substance called the Elixir, the opposite happens. Soon, Jason’s friend Brad witnesses the portal in action, but the portal key that Brad needs is upstairs. With Mason’s help, though, Brad is able to go through the portal. At the witches’ cabin, Alex and Izi trick Desdemona into telling them where the crystals are and the girls almost get them, but Esmeralda captures Alex because the witch needs her – the Elixir needs human blood.

This book is perfect for kids ages 9-12 who enjoy adventure and magic. I loved the story and how every mystery was solved at some point or another. The author had some wonderful imagery as well. The only thing I feel that might make the book better is illustrations.

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Author Stefanie Alexis
Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 181 pages
Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publish Date 23-May-2015
ISBN 1516858379
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Issue April 2016
Category Tweens


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