The Oyster’s Secret

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The Oyster’s Secret is about an oyster. All the other animals have cool talents and the oyster doesn’t, but at the end it has a pearl. The other animals are a pufferfish, a hammerhead shark, a crab, a jellyfish, a dolphin, an angelfish, and a sea turtle. The other animals say they are really great because they can do exciting things like defending themselves or chasing prey. The sea turtle tells them to stop teasing and leave Mr. Oyster alone. Finally, the oyster shows everyone the pearl he has been making inside his shell. When the animals brag about themselves and tease the oyster, he ignores them.

The illustrations are pretty but could be more realistic: oysters don’t have eyes on their shells. All the animals have really big eyes to make them look cute. This is a good picture book for little kids. The moral is not to tease people. I thought this book would teach me about the life-cycle of oysters, but it’s really a lesson about being nice to people even when we can’t see their talents.

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Author Traci Dunham • Hannah Tuohy, Illustrator
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 27 pages
Publisher Brown Books Kids
Publish Date 2017-Nov-02
ISBN 9781612549675
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Issue February 2018
Category Children's


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