The Oathbreaker’s Shadow

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All fifteen-year-old Raim has ever wanted is to become part of the Yun, an elite warrior group that protects the ruler of Darhan. Ever since he was old enough to begin training, Raim has shown a promising future. Now, his best friend Khareh is destined to become the king and promises Raim a future in the Yun. However, Raim has a secret: He has a promise string tied to his wrist, but attached to a promise he doesn’t know. If Raim does break this promise, then the string will burn and leave him with a permanent shadow and a scar. On the day of Raim’s entry into the Yun, his promise string goes up in flames, marking him as an outcast and a traitor. Forced to run away, Raim escapes the city and into Lazar, the city where other oathbreakers are exiled. There, Raim begins to learn the truth about his past and what his broken promise string really means.

At first, The Oathbreaker’s Shadow seems to be like any other fantasy novel: A character with a mysterious past undergoes a series of obstacles in order to become great. However, McCulloch develops this novel into a story with life. Readers will find themselves living the plot alongside Raim and will be enthralled with the twists and turns this novel takes. While the plot holds an interesting idea, the movement and fluidity of this novel are misplaced: Much of the action is towards the beginning of the book. Overall, The Oathbreaker’s Shadow holds promise for readers who enjoy fantasy and adventure.

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Author Amy McCulloch
Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 408 pages
Publisher Flux
Publish Date 08-Feb-2015
ISBN 9780738744056
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Issue August 2015
Category Young Adult


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