The Muses: Vengeance of Time

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Two kids, Sarah and Nickolas McGuire, who are ages ten and twelve, freed some muses from their evil great-aunt Vivian’s garden in the previous book. Muses are fairies and sprites together. Sarah and Nickolas hope they don’t see the muses ever again. And they never want to re-visit their great-aunt. But one day their cousin Simon comes down with an unknown sickness. Sarah and Nickolas learn that in order to save Simon they need help from the muses. Four other kids join them, and they learn that the ingredients that they need to cure Simon can only be found at Montague Manor. Montague Manor has a special garden. Now they embark on a quest to save Simon.

The Muses: Vengeance of Time by N.L. McEvoy was a good book. I finished it in five days, even with school! It is the second book in the series The Muses, which may go to seven books. I have not read the first book. Even though I did not read the first book, this book was fairly easy to understand, but the characters in this book were just a little hard to understand. I think they were mostly developed in the first book, and the author kind of set the scene for what the characters would be like in the next book. In the second book, the characters do learn and grow some, too. They mostly learn about life and the Montague Manor. They learn how to deal with pixies and sprites. Pixies and sprites are very hard to get along with. The plot flows well, and the story flows along well. The author adds new characters as the story goes along; she also adds some really sad scenes. The action in this book is really good. It has the most action in the middle and end. This is probably so because in the middle and end the heroes are battling pixies and sprites. There is some mystery in this book, but the book is not entirely a mystery book. About ten of the thirty-one chapters in the book end in a cliffhanger. The way the action is it gives the book a lot of suspense. The end of the book itself does not end in a cliffhanger, but the way the book is ended it keeps you on the edge of your seat. This book is not similar to a lot of books that I have read. This book would be good for ages ten to fifteen who like magic, Harry Potter, and shadow magic.

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Author N. L. McEvoy
Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 479 pages
Publisher N. L. McEvoy
Publish Date 2016-07-15
ISBN 0000990893308
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Issue September 2016
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy


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