The Missing Kitten

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Suzanne and her family just moved to the countryside. Suzanne had always wanted a kitten, and her parents had finally said “yes”! When Suzanne went to the grocery store, she just happened to find a flyer offering free kittens. She was so happy to get to spend two weeks with a new kitten before she started her new school. Suzanne named her kitten Boots because his feet were solid white fur. It looked like he was wearing boots. Suzanne and Boots loved spending time together. When Suzanne started school, Boots kept following her. The first time, he found them walking, so Suzanne and her brother had to bring him back home. The second time, he went all the way into the school and found Suzanne at her classroom desk. The last time, he went out, but it started to rain. He found a dry place, but he was lost. Suzanne, her family, and her new friend, Izzy, worked together to try to find Boots. If you want to know how this adventure ends, you will enjoy reading this book. I thought this book was full of adventure and had some exciting parts. I felt really sad for Suzanne and Boots, not wanting them to be apart. It was really interesting to read about how clever a little kitten could be! I also liked reading about what Boots was thinking, too. The author, Holly Webb, does a good job of telling what both the kids and the animals are thinking in the story. This is a great book for kids who like to read about kittens and what might happen in a kitten’s life.

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Author Holly Webb • Sophy Williams, Illustrator
Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 128 pages
Publisher Tiger Tales
Publish Date 2016-09-01
ISBN 9781589254886
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Issue October 2016
Category Early Reader


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