The Mayflower Bride: Daughters of the Mayflower

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At one point, we have all heard or read about the Mayflower, her passengers, and her role in our country’s history. We also know these brave souls came across the ocean to escape religious persecution. This was their one real chance to follow a dream and find a better life for themselves and their families.

Ms Woodhouse takes history and introduces characters who turn a historical novel into a period romance that opens the door to a series of historical romances that blends fact and fiction.

In this novel, we are first on the Speedwell leaving Holland, heading for the Americas. Bad weather and damage to the ship force the passengers of the Speedwell to board the Mayflower heading toward the New World. Though the new ship is larger, it’s overcrowded, with cramped, dirty conditions. Many of the passengers become ill, and some die. We are introduced to Mary Elizabeth Chapman who, with her father, Robert, and younger brother, David, have left the only home they know for this new life and dream. After losing her mother only a few years ago, Mary Elizabeth has second thoughts about leaving. Her heart is in Holland, as that is where her mother’s resting place is. The pain of her loss is still close to her. Dorothy Raynsford and her parents are also on board the Mayflower. She is not only Mary Elizabeth’s best friend, she is also a great moral support for the shy Mary Elizabeth. It’s Dorothy who notices the interest William Lytton has for her friend. She also talks to Mary Elizabeth about her feelings for William, and soon a romance begins to bloom. It’s both Mary Elizabeth and Dorothy who volunteer to help those who are stricken with fever. Mary Elizabeth’s dedication to the sick makes William fall in love with her even more than he could imagine. His love for her makes him ask the pastor to teach him about the Bible. And so the atheist slowly learns about what the good Lord wants for all. Mary Elizabeth loses her father and best friend on this trip, but she gains the love of William Lytton, and together they raise young David and start a new life and dream.

As I said, this is a story that not only brings history alive with characters who are both real and fictional, but it’s a beautiful love story filled with adventure, sadness, laughter, and, above all, love. A wonderful beginning to the series.

Author Kimberley Woodhouse
Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 256 pages
Publisher Barbour Books
Publish Date 2018-Feb-01
ISBN 9781683224198
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Issue September 2018
Category Historical Fiction


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