The Little Dancer: A Children’s Book Inspired by Edgar Degas (Children’s Books Inspired by Famous Artworks)

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The Little Dancer is an inspiring story about a young dancer, Jeanne. Jeanne auditions at Oprea Garnier, in hopes of getting into the prestigious ballet school. Jeanne succeeds and her schedule becomes filled with rehearsal. Every day at rehearsal a man watches them and carefully draws the dancers. One day, he approaches Jeanne asking her to fill in for his model who is out sick. The next day she arrives at Monsieur D’s studio. Jeanne tours the studio looking at every corner and painting. He tells her to stay still and begins to shape the clay. Jeanne continues to come to the studio and balance her dance schedule. Finally, the end of the year has come and it is time for the final performance. The artist has finished the sculpture and invites Jeanne back to his studio to dress the figure. She hands the artist her old tutu and slippers. This story intrigued me and made me believe I was there. I loved the part when Jeanne gives her sculpture her old tutu and slippers. Though Jeanne wasn’t described, her life was and that was just enough to know a little about her and her struggles. The authors worded the story elegantly and it was easy to read. The illustration portrayed a slightly abstracted way of painting and wasn’t very bright but a little dull. I would recommend this to kids age seven and above. It is not only fun to read but also because tells the story of Edgar Degas, a famous sculpture. This book inspired me while I read it because of Jeanne’s perseverance while she danced and modeled. She never gave up or lost sight of her goal even when things got tough. “Fall seven times and stand up eight.”- Nana Korobi

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Author Geraldine Elschner, Illustrated by Olivier Desvaux
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher Prestel Junior
Publish Date 2020-Sep-22
ISBN 9783791374499
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Issue December 2020
Category Children's


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