The Lie Tree

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Faith is very polite young girl. She is well-mannered and is very respectful. At least she seems so to most people. Inside she is full of questions and is very observant. Her curiosity can get the best of her sometimes, which leads her to knowing things she shouldn’t. Why did her family run off to Vane? Was her father’s death an accident? Well, Faith knows. One day, while shuffling through her father’s items in search of revenge, Faith finds an unusual plant. She relocates the tree to a safer place where she discovers its magic. If she tells the tree a lie it will bear a fruit that will uncover a hidden truth. Could the tree lead Faith to her father’s murderer?

I would give this book three stars. It was written very well, although the story was pretty dark. At first, I found myself picking up other books instead of this one because it didn’t really interest me so much. I normally do not read dark books like this, so it was a twist for me. As I got further into the book, though, it became more interesting. It’s a good book that reveals an odd story of what some may call “real life.”

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Author Frances Hardinge
Star Count 3/5
Format Hard
Page Count 384 pages
Publisher Amulet Books
Publish Date 2016-Apr-19
ISBN 9781419718953
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Issue March 2017
Category Young Adult


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