The Incredible Cabinet of Wonders

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This book is like going to see a bunch of different things in a lot of different museums. That’s because all the things you see in this book are from different museums! They are really interesting objects – some things you have probably seen before, like King Tut’s face mask, and others that you probably have never heard of, like the claw of a mitten crab. The people who made this book went and found all these interesting things from all around the world. Then they arranged them into things that were like each other: “cabinets of collections.” There is the cabinet of medical instruments, the cabinet of music, the sailor’s cabinet, and several more. The toy maker’s cabinet has some interesting toys that don’t look like much fun, like the toy that has a tiger eating a British soldier; but although the treasure hunter’s cabinet has a spooky, jeweled skull, it also has some beautiful jewels and rocks. There is just a fun collection of things here, and you get to learn a little about each. To make it even more fun, each picture is under a pop-up flap you can look behind. It’s an interesting book!

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Author Lonely Planet Kids
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 28 pages
Publisher Lonely Planet
Publish Date 2017-Oct-17
ISBN 9781787011045
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Issue May 2018
Category Children's


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