The Home Builders

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The Home Builders is a book with stunning illustrations about fictional animals that live in the wild. The book describes the many different positional places animals live, beneath the mound, high on the ridge, and swarm the air. The Home Builders helps give children a glimpse into how we coexist with the world around us including animals and we may not even know because we don’t see them, but sometimes they are hidden or burrowed underground beneath our feet. This book also shows how animals protect and shelter their babies. This book helps children to be more thoughtful when considering that the whole world is home to the animals even when we can not see them.

The illustrations in this book are stunning. The illustrations depict the animals in the wild beautifully and show the difference between baby animals and adults. Not only do the illustrations showcase the beauty of the animals but they also show what is growing underground when animals burrow, such as roots, vegetables, worms, and rocks. I would recommend this book to be used at home or in the classroom to help young children learn more about animals and their surroundings.

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Author Varsha Bajaj • Simona Mulazzani, Illustrator
Star Count 3.5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher Nancy Paulsen Books
Publish Date 2019-02-12
ISBN 9780399166853
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Issue Mar-19
Category Children's


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