The Good Little Devil and Other Tales

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This book has thirteen tales that are about different people and different things. In one story, there is a doll who could see everything as long as she put something over her eyes. The boy who owned her was using his doll to look into the future. There was a story that had a witch who wanted to eat a little girl, and there was a book she was reading that told her how to do it, but it didn’t work. One story had two shoes that were in love with each other, but when they were bought they were house shoes and so they didn’t get to be together all day. The story of the little devil is that there is a devil who wants to be good instead of bad, so he keeps asking people for advice. My favorite story is “The Fool and His Wife.” In this one, there’s this fool who gets lots of advice from people, but it actually turns out good for him in the end. These are funny stories and I really like them. The book is easy to read and has lots of fun parts that anyone will like.

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Author Pierre Gripari, with illustrations by Fernando Puig Rosado and translated by Sophie Lewis, Translator
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 300 pages
Publisher Pushkin Children's Books
Publish Date 21-Oct-2014
ISBN 9781782690085
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Issue February 2015
Category Tweens


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