The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes – Sherlock Holmes and the Crusader’s Curse

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Sherlock Holmes is back with Dr. Watson at his side, narrating their latest adventure. Thorpe Manor holds its share of secrets from a legend of a missing diamond to the more recent disappearance of family paintings. Now, the last Lord Thorpe has died and Holmes and Watson are invited to the auction of the estate, in hopes they can find the missing diamond before it’s sold. However, the case isn’t that simple when one of the bidders is found dead in the cellar.

There are three mysteries surrounding the manor, the missing diamond, missing paintings, and a murder. The first two are hardly mentioned until the end and none of them has much to do with each other. I couldn’t solve any of the mysteries, the clues weren’t there or so subtle I couldn’t figure it out. All the clues to where the diamond is are there, I couldn’t see them until I knew the answer. The other mysteries aren’t given enough clues to be able to make the right connections until the answer is given, but even then it wasn’t one of those moments where everything suddenly clicks into place.

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Author Stuart Douglas
Star Count 3.5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 228 pages
Publisher Titan
Publish Date 2020-Dec-01
ISBN 9781789091588
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Issue March 2021
Category Mystery, Crime & Thriller


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