The Feast for the King

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There is a lion that lives in the jungle, and it’s his birthday. The cook, which is a tarantula, puts a tender piece of meat on top of the cake made out of meat. He has to leave the room, but when he comes back, the tender piece of meat is gone! Tarantula goes out and asks everyone if he could look in their mouth to see if they were the meat thief. He asked a gorilla, a giraffe, an elephant, a snake, an alligator, and a bat. But none of them are the thief! And then he looks at the cake and says, “Who is grabbing the cake?” But then he jumps up on the table and finds out who it is.

This book is funny because tarantula has to look in all the animals’ mouths and he sees what they have been eating. The pictures look nice; they are watercolor drawings and the animals have funny expressions. I also like seeing all the food the animals are making. It is fun when tarantula finds out who the thief is, but I won’t tell you who that is, so you’ll have to read it yourself!

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Author Marlies Verhelst & Linde Faas
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher Lemniscaat
Publish Date 01-Apr-2015
ISBN 9781935954446
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Issue April 2015
Category Children's


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