The Endangereds

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The Endangereds is about a group of endangered animals that were taken by humans from their natural habitats and put in a facility where some of the animals go hyper and become as smart and as able as humans. The animals that go hyper form a group called “the Endangereds” and they help other endangered animals around the globe. Nukilik, a polar bear, was taken away from her mother when they were separated and brought to the facility where she becomes hyper, but she doesn’t want to join the Endangereds. She just wants to get back home. Arief, an orangutan, who is head of the Endangered society wants Nukilik to join the group but she refuses. Wangari, a pangolin, really wants Nukilik to go but she doesn’t know where Nukilik is from. Murdock, a narwhal, wants to be friends with everyone but is pretty annoying. When Hobbs and Jill, the black-footed ferrets in the Endangereds society, get taken away from the facility the other Endangereds plan a rescue. Will they be able to work together to get Hobbs and Jill back? Read the story yourself to find out what happens in this adventurous tale.

I would recommend The Endangereds to animal lovers and anyone who likes adventure and a little bit of mystery. This book is amazing! I love it because the Endangereds have to hide that they are hyper from the humans. They have to make sure that nobody notices they are gone when they go on secret missions. I wonder if animals can really do this in real life and we just don’t know because they have outsmarted us. I really liked this book and plan to read it again.

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Author Philippe Cousteau and Austin Aslan
Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 336 pages
Publisher Harper Collins Children's
Publish Date 2020-09-29
ISBN 9780062894168
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Issue October 2020
Category Tweens


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