The Dessert Diaries: Maggie’s Magic Chocolate Moon

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Maggie’s Magic Chocolate Moons is about a troubled orphan girl who lives with her grandmother. Her bad attitude prevents her from making friends, and she is already enemies with her little sister, Grace. Maggie goes to a newer bakery called Daisy’s Desserts, and Daisy, both waiter and manager, asks her if she would like to help in the bakery a little while. Daisy said that baking is the key to life, so Maggie decides to learn to bake. I like the author’s good choice of words, such as “exasperated,” “twinge,” or “triumphantly.” There are no illustrations, but all of the detail makes it easy to imagine what everything looks like. I think it’s funny when Grace ruins most of Maggie’s plans, like when Sofia, a girl from school, texts her and asks to meet at the bakery, but immediately after that Grace comes in to ask if Maggie can walk her home. Grace is annoying sometimes when she gets sidetracked on the way home by libraries, shoe stores, or antique stores. I also enjoyed reading the drama about when Maggie is being such a meanie that the housekeeper, Astrid, sends her to her room. Even though it was sad that her parents were dead, it was interesting to read about her feelings. Throughout the book, Daisy inspired Maggie to be nicer and more hopeful, and it was captivating watching her attitude change.

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Author Laura Dower
Star Count 4.5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 160 pages
Publish Date 2016-Sep-01
ISBN 9781496541413
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Issue January 2017
Category Tweens


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