The Cold Is in Her Bones

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This is a mysterious story about a strange village and the demon curse on it. Millie has learned that the way to keep demons out is to spread salt and pray. She is treated like something strange in her family. She meets a friend Iris, but Iris is slowly being taken by the demon. Millie tries to help her friend, but something is changing in her too, and she knows just what it is. The plot is amazingly constructed, well written, and entertaining. The part that I believe held my interest the most was when Millie confronted Hulda the second time. The characters are well written with their own personalities and flaws. They seem extremely realistic. I especially like the personality of Iris as she battles her own mind. Characters are sometimes hard to understand, but in a good way that shows their personalities. The story is well written, andit kept me interested from the prologue to the epilogue. The ending is a mysterious twist that led me to wonder if the curse was really lifted or if it was just starting over again. The author made the plot clear yet mysterious at the same time. There are no illustrations, and I feel they aren’t needed. It’s my opinion that with fiction it’s better to imagine. People interested in fantasy and adventure should read this book. I recommend this book for ages 12-21 and possibly higher depending on personal interest. This doesn’t remind me of any authors. There aren’t many like Peternelle Arsdale. Though I have no doubt this book would make a spectacular series, I would rather have the ending left as is. I’d definitely recommend this book because this book has hooks and twists and depth. This was an astounding book. It kept me up all night, and I never lost interest.

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Author Peternelle van Arsdale
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 288 pages
Publisher Margaret K. McElderry Books
Publish Date 2019-01-22
ISBN 9781481488440
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Issue May 2019
Category Young Adult


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