The Clever Wife: A Kyrgyz Folktale

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The Clever Wife: A Kyrgyz Folktale told by Rukhsana Khan and illustrated by Ayesha Gamiet is the story about, well, a clever wife! And this wife sure was clever! She made the Khan feel very silly for his behavior. When the new Khan helped the poor, it was very nice. It wasn’t nice how the other women were mean to Danyshman, but the one was nice to her. The khan’s riddles were funny and his wife’s answers were even better.

We felt like we got to visit another land and it felt like we were in a different house than we are right now. The pictures were really cool and we felt like we were really there. It’s always interesting to learn about other places and the people who live there. This book is really nice to cuddle up and read with. It’s a fable, so that’s cool. So if you like fairy tales, you’ll probably like this book. It made us feel really happy for the clever wife and made us laugh at the end.

Author Rukhsana Khan
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 40 pages
Publisher Wisdom Tales
Publish Date 01-Apr-2022
ISBN 9781937786939
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Issue June 2022
Category Children's