The Cantankerous Crow

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In this book there is a family of crows with four sisters and a brother. The brother crow is very naughty and tries to sneak into a farmer’s orchard to eat the cherries. But the farmer captures him and puts him in a cage. Then the farmer says the crow has to work and help, but the crow isn’t a very good helper. When he is supposed to cut firewood, he cuts down the flagpole. When he is supposed to sort the beans, he gives them to the hens. The farmer decides to sell the crow, but no one will buy it except the baker, who trades for him for three cookies. But the crow makes a mess at the baker’s, too. Finally, the baker lets the crow go free, and the brother crow flies home to his loving family.

This is a fun story because while it talks about the crow’s silly adventures, it is also about how your family loves you and there is no place like home. Children will like reading the fun rhyming verses and seeing how the crow makes mischief for the people who capture him in the funny pictures.

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Author Lennart Hellsing, Poul Strøyer
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 28 pages
Publisher Thames & Hudson
Publish Date 2016-Nov-15
ISBN 9780500650790
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Issue December 2016
Category Children's


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