The Brownstone Mythical Collection: Arthur and the Golden Rope

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Arthur’s village had a huge, huge torch in the middle of town, which kept the town warm and gave it light. One day a huge wolf came to the town and knocked over the torch. Everyone in the town was hurt except for Arthur, so Arthur had to go on a quest to find the god Thor because Thor was the only one who could put the fire back in the torch. When he finally found Thor, Thor said that Arthur had to find the root of a mountain and the sound of a cat’s footfall to defeat the wolf. The sound of a cat’s footfall was easy – he just had to find a really large cat. But he didn’t know where to get the root of a mountain. After searching for a long time in the library, he finally found some information that would help him. Finally he was ready to go back to defeat the wolf and re-light the torch.

The illustrations in this book are really fun and help tell the story really well. People who like stories about the Norse gods will like this book. I hope that there will be other books like this!

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Author Joe Todd Stanton
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 56 pages
Publisher Nobrow Ltd
Publish Date 2017-Feb-14
ISBN 9781911171034
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Issue April 2017
Category Children's


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