The Bone Charmer

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This is a well written, fantasy and romance book about fate and future told through a unique conception of magic and parallel worlds. Saskia’s mother is a seer who reads bones. When she read the fate for her daughter she saw two different paths but chose to have her follow in her footsteps. When an angry Saskia accidentally breaks a bone, she splits her future in two. Now she lives in two worlds that are at odds with one another. The storyline and plot are compelling. It alternates between both worlds and each is vivid and important. The parallel worlds, magic systems, and characters were good but needed to be better developed. Many of the characters are likable and their relationships with Saskia are strong and evolve nicely. The mother is a more complex character although I wanted to understand her better. I got pulled in to the story but sometimes it felt like something was missing. The ending left matters unresolved which suggests there will be a sequel. Overall this is an interesting story with an original concept that will engage readers who love romance and fantasy. I would recommend it for readers fifteen and older.

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Author Breeana Shields
Star Count 3/5
Format Hard
Page Count 400 pages
Publisher Page Street Kids
Publish Date 2019-05-21
ISBN 9781624147371
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Issue September 2019
Category Young Adult


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