The Big Earth Book

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The Big Earth Book is a non-fiction book about how the four elements (earth, air, fire, and water) have created and changed the Earth over time. It is separated into sections about each of the four elements, with subtopics about how each element affects the Earth and people in different ways. It talks about floods, volcanoes, and big winds, and how all of these elements have helped people and animals through history.

The books tells us how we need certain elements. For example, if we didn’t have fire, we would not be able to cook food or live in cold climates. It talks about the science of fire, too! All you need is oxygen, fuel, and heat to create the combustion reaction necessary to make fire. Amazing!

This book has about 250 pages full of interesting facts. Every page has bright, colorful illustrations to keep kids focused on the material. It is a great tool for kids like me who are self-learners and enjoy a lot of cool information in one book. I really enjoyed reading this book. It is one that I will go back to a lot to find out new facts!

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Author Lonely Planet Kids
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 256 pages
Publisher Lonely Planet
Publish Date 2017-Nov-21
ISBN 9781787012783
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Issue December 2017
Category Children's


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