The Adorable Beastling

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With no parents around to protect them, newborn beastlings explode from their eggs to scare away any predators that might be lurking nearby and to establish their place in the beastling hierarchy of toughness. They’re fierce and they’re frightening and they’re able to scare to survive. Well, most of them are…

This is the tale of one particular beastling who just doesn’t fit in with the rest. Scaring doesn’t come naturally to her, but when she finds herself separated from her brothers, she manages to find her own food and her own way to live. She even manages to make some friends, although the story isn’t going to be all smooth sailing for the cutest little beastling around.

Jonathan Rosenbaum’s The Adorable Beastling is a charming picture book that is aptly described as The Ugly Duckling in reverse. It’s a story with a moral, as the beastling learns to be herself and not to try to copy the scariness of her kin, but it’s also a really fun book to read. There’s action and adventure and even a healthy dose of mild peril as the beastling sets out to find her place in the world.

The artwork is marvelous and really enhances the story. The expressions on the beastlings’ faces when they practice scaring and set about menacing passersby are particularly amusing. Aside from the beastlings, there are plenty of other cute and fantastical creatures featured in the story which are sure to capture the attention of younger readers.

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Author Jonathan Rosenbaum
Star Count 4/5
Format eBook
Page Count 36 pages
Publisher Action Lab Entertainment
Publish Date 2019-12-03
ISBN 9781632295231
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Issue February 2020
Category Children's


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