That’s Not a Hippopotamus

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That’s Not a Hippopotamus is a book about a hippopotamus that hides from the safari keeper. The kids who are on a field trip try to find the hippo wherever he is hidden. But the children keep finding animals that are NOT hippos! The story is really funny, especially when a little girl dives into a pool with a manatee, thinking it’s the hippo. I think it is a good and silly story. I love the pictures because it shows the kids being ridiculous, thinking giraffes, warthogs, and skunks are a hippopotamus. If they had caught and touched and run with those animals in real life, they would be in big trouble! The teacher has to help the students be safe around all the animals even though she gets scared herself. My favorite picture shows the whole class running. The words rhyme, even hippopotamus! The teacher says the same thing over and over. She never believes any of the children when they think they have found the hippo, but she should have believed Liam! I had fun finding the hippo through the book. I think other kids should read this book.

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Author Juliette MacIver • Sarah Davis (Wr, Illustrator
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher Gecko Press
Publish Date 01-Aug-2016
ISBN 9781927271964
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Issue August 2016
Category Children's


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