Ten Miles One Way

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Patrick Downes exhibits an amazing talent for conveying the mind of mental illness. He grabbed and contained my attention with every thought and every conversation. He puts you in the memory like you are overhearing an actual conversation.

Ten Miles One Way begins right after a collision where Isaac says, “I remember the Chimaera was behind the wheel.” He retells a memory of a “manic walk” three years ago with his friend Nest. She is the one doing all of the talking, while Isaac shares his thoughts. Downes conveys that Nest suffers from the family fate of mental illness, but there are hints that Isaac suffers in his own way. She was always afraid of having an outburst, a mental breakdown, in front of Isaac. On mile eight, Isaac says, “When you watch a girl lose herself to her beast, you have to wonder what it does to the girl.” He is her “witness,” but who is his? She doesn’t remember transforming. He doesn’t remember the walk back, and you’re not told why. Nest is in a coma and she can’t recount it for you.

I recommend this book; it is like no other that you will ever read.

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Author Patrick Downes
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 208 pages
Publisher Philomel Books
Publish Date 2017-Mar-21
ISBN 9780399544996
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Issue June 2017
Category Young Adult


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