Surfside Girls, Book One: The Secret of Danger Point

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This book is about two girls on an adventure with mysteries, treasures, villains, and surprises. The story focuses on a girl who discovers ghosts who are afraid to lose their home to the construction of a resort and sets out to help them save their home by searching for buried treasure to buy the land. She encounters danger and risks her life. The story is interesting, but sometimes the plot is not quite believable. For example, the girls are twelve years old but they act like older teenagers. There is not too much dialogue, and sometimes there needs to be more real dialogue attached to the illustrations. The illustrations are beautiful! They depict good action scenes, but sometimes the girls look older than they are. The historical references are interesting, but sometimes not quite right. I would recommend this book for teenagers who are boy crazy. It’s not a book for kids who like strong girls and don’t want love stories. This book has all the parts of a good story—ghosts, mysteries, bad guys, FBI agents, and fun times at the beach, but it didn’t work.

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Author Kim Dwinell
Star Count 3/5
Format Trade
Page Count 236 pages
Publisher Top Shelf Productions
Publish Date 2017-Aug-01
ISBN 9.7816E+12
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Issue Feb-18
Category Tweens


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