Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker The Galaxy Needs You

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This picture book is based on illustrated scenes from episodes seven through nine of the Star Wars movies. It is an inspirational book about Rey’s journey. Although she thinks she is nobody important, just a scavenger on her home planet, she has important skills inside of her to fight challenges that are ahead and become who she is destined to be.

At the beginning of the book, Rey is alone with no friends, she does not know how to use a lightsaber, and has never been trained in the ways of the Force. But, through circumstance, she meets friends who help her along the path. She is brave in the face of danger and willing to learn the skills she needs to be successful.

Rey is an inspirational character, especially for young girls. She is smart, kind, and persistent. She helps others when she can, and she never gives up, even when things are very hard or scary. This book encourages other children to follow in Rey’s footsteps, to be brave, kind, and unique. It is a great book, especially for young Star Wars fans like myself!

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Author Caitlin Kennedy
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 48 pages
Publisher Disney Lucasfilm Press
Publish Date 2019-12-17
ISBN 9781368051828
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Issue January 2020
Category Children's


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