Splash and Bubbles: Rhythm of the Reef

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The Reeftown Rhythm Festival is happening, and almost everyone is very excited. Splash the fish goes to Wave the octopus to invite him to the festival, but Wave says no. Splash goes and picks up the rest of his friends and goes to the festival, but he doesn’t see Wave there.

Splash goes back to get Wave, but Wave is embarrassed about his dance moves. With some encouragement from Splash, Wave agrees to go to the dance party.

Everyone is happy to see Wave. He dances happily along with his friends until Flo the turtle stops him because she thinks he has lost control of his tentacles! Wave is so embarrassed!

Will everyone be able to appreciate the unique dancing styles of other creatures? Can Wave join back in the party and be completely himself? This book has a lot of fun facts about octopuses, like the fact that each tentacle has its own brain and can move independently of the other tentacles.

This book would be best for children ages five and under. It is a good book about accepting the differences in others.

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Author The Jim Henson Company
Star Count 3/5
Format Hard
Page Count 24 pages
Publisher HMH Books for Young Readers
Publish Date 2018-Jun-05
ISBN 9781328852779
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Issue July 2018
Category Children's


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