Sparkle Boy

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This book is about a boy named Casey. His sister, Jessie, loves sparkly things. One day, she comes in with a shimmery skirt, and Casey wants one, too. Jessie doesn’t want him to have it because she thinks boys can’t wear that. His mother says it’s alright and gets him one. The same thing happens with nail polish and bracelets. His sister still thinks boys can’t wear shiny things. One day at the library, people keep saying bad things about Casey in his sparkly outfit. He almost cries until Jessie decides he can wear glitter and stands up for him.

This book is frustrating at the beginning because nobody likes Casey’s sparkly things. Boys can wear that if they want! I also like glitter and sequins because they’re fun. It has a happy ending, though. Then Casey and his sister get along and wear sparkles all the time. I also like how the cover feels smooth, but the skirt, bracelet, nail polish, and title are glittery and feel nice. If you like glitter and sparkles and friendship, you’ll love this book.

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Author Leslea Newman
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher Lee & Low Books
Publish Date 2017-Jun-15
ISBN 9781620142851
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Issue September 2017
Category Children's


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