Smile / Cry: Happy or sad, wailing or glad – how do you feel today?

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This book is very different, you can read it from one side and from the other. One one side it talks about crying, one the other side it talks about smiling.

Sometimes you may feel like crying: when your ice cream falls on the ground, or you get scared. You may get a boo-boo, or have a piece of clothing destroyed in the laundry. You may lose something, or just get tickled so hard that you cry. Sometimes your beloved balloon pops, or you have to say goodbye to someone you love, or you are sorry about something the you did. And you cry.

And there are cuddle cries… and smile cries. Because there are also so many reasons to smile. When you are cuddling, or when you receive flowers, or a hug. You can smile when you eat all the pie, or when you get tickled. You can also laugh until you cry. You smile when you get silly or you are ready to eat something good. Or when you go on a merry-go round. Or when you cuddle…just like when you cuddle and smile.

I found this book funny, since you can read from both sides. It is nothing like I read before.

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Author Tania McCartney, Jess Racklyeft
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher EK Books
Publish Date 01-Mar-2016
ISBN 9781921966989
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Issue March 2016
Category Children's


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