Sleep Tight, Anna Banana

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I like this book a lot, but I do not like the fuzzballs, because they are so scary. They are a stuffed animal monster. The girl is named Anna Banana. She is being rude, because she wants to read a book and not go to sleep. She doesn’t let her stuffed animals go to sleep. Then she finally wants to go to sleep, but then her animals keep waking her up. Then one of them says she shouldn’t be upset, because she kept waking them up! Then Anna Banana says she is sorry, and she says good night to all of them. She says goodnight to Foxface and Grizzler and Zigzag (he is a bunny) and Pingpong and Whaley and Fuzzball. Then they all go to sleep. Anna Banana was pretty rude because she waked up all her peeps – she waked up all her friends. She didn’t want her friends to leave and sleep but they wanted to. Then it was rude of her friends to wake her up, but they did it because they were showing her what she did was wrong, wrong, wrong.

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Author Dominique Roques, Alexis Dormal, Illustrator
Star Count 3/5
Format Hard
Page Count 28 pages
Publisher First Second
Publish Date 17-Jun-2014
ISBN 9781626720190
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Issue July 2014
Category Children's


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