Sleep Like Death

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Sleep Like Death by Kalynn Bayron is a gripping and enchanting fantasy novel that follows Princess Eve, a determined and skilled girl. Gifted with the ability to communicate with animals and conjure weapons from nature, Eve has spent her life training to defeat the ancient monster known as the Knight, who twists wishes into curses.

However, her journey takes an unexpected turn when Queen Regina, Eve’s mother, begins exhibiting strange behavior and a messenger claiming to serve the Knight reveals shocking truths about Eve’s past. As Eve questions her own powers and grapples with trust, she must summon her courage to confront the Knight and protect her family and queendom.

I think this book was really good! I love the storyline so much and the heroine has such an amazing character and background. This book is not for those under the age of fourteen, but older teens and young adults would love it. When this story is released, I hope that others enjoy it just as much as I did. Sleep Like Death is a definite “must-buy”!

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Author Kalynn Bayron
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 352 pages
Publisher Bloomsbury USA
Publish Date 25-Jun-2024
ISBN 9781547609765
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Issue June 2024
Category Young Adult