Sharks Have Six Senses

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I have five senses. Sharks have extra-good smelling. (They can smell ten drops of blood in a swimming pool! I wonder if it depends on what kind of swimming pool.) They don’t have tongues. They taste without tongues. (I didn’t know that.) Sharks have great hearing. They just have inner ears. They can hear the fish eat. They feel without touching things. They can feel water current and temperature changes. Cool! I didn’t know sharks could see in the dark. Their sixth sense is electroreception—like a platypus! Sharks use gills to breathe. Orcas and other sharks eat sharks.

Sharks aren’t creepy at all. I touched a lemon shark at the aquarium at the beach. I like hammerhead sharks. My favorite shark is the whale shark. (Wild Kratts swam with a whale shark.) The book didn’t include my favorite shark.

I like the pictures. They look nice. (Why is a zebra shark called that? He really doesn’t look like a zebra. He should be called a catfish shark.) I can read this book myself. I got all of the true or false questions in the back right. Everybody would like this book—if they like sharks. This book is a keeper!

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Author John F. Waters, Bob Barner, illustrator
Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 40 pages
Publisher HarperCollins
Publish Date 12-May-2015
ISBN 9780064451918
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Issue May 2015
Category Children's


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