School In the Time of the Corona Virus

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School in the Time of the Corona Virus is a children’s story about what is happening right now for me and everyone. In the book, it must be summer, and Maria is nervous about starting back to school soon. She has already gotten a paper from her school about what things will be different when she goes back, like getting her temperature checked, having to wear a mask, and not getting to sit right next to your friends or classmates anymore. This information is good for her to know, but she is still worried because she doesn’t know what it will be like until she’s there. Her mom is helpful and gives her some good advice to help her calm down. Maria is still worried and has more questions to ask her mom about the school year, like wearing her mask, washing her hands, and being around her friends. Because Maria is still upset, her mom suggests that they make a plan to talk every day after school to make sure she feels okay about things. Maria is still not sure if she feels great about going back to school, especially after getting her “coronavirus supplies” together. The night before school starts, Maria realizes that even though it seems like everything is changing, that is not true; there will still be things the same this school year as they were the last school year. Maria and her mom keep making plans to help Maria feel better about the school year so that the morning of her first day of school, she is happy to head out.
I found many similarities between Maria and myself.

I have recently started school again, and I also didn’t know what school would be like until I started on the first day. Like Maria, I also have to wear a mask every day, get my temperature checked, and stay further away from my classmates, among other things. Unlike Maria, I wasn’t as nervous about starting school as she was in the story. If I was as worried, I would have been happy to have a mom like hers who helped her understand things and who made plans with her to help her feel safe and happy at school. Also like Maria, I was excited to see my friends again.

When reading this book, I thought it was easy to understand. Because it is about the Coronavirus, I think kids of all ages will be able to understand it. I thought the pictures were bright, and I like how they fill up the whole page, and I like the outfits that Maria and her mom wear. I think this book can help lots of people who are worried about the Coronavirus to feel better.

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Author Dr. Emily Mazzulla
Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher Ingram
Publish Date 2020-08-11
ISBN 0978173542250
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Issue October 2020
Category Children's


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