Santa Baby

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Santa Baby is a great book for the holidays, or anytime really. I am excited about Christmas coming after Halloween and Thanksgiving! Santa Baby helps me get more excited about the holiday and for reading a funny book. In this book, Santa is getting ready for Christmas, and he starts to think he’s getting old. Santa IS old, but he’s feeling older than he actually is because everything hurts on him when he’s doing anything. Santa makes a wish, and it turns him into a baby! Can you imagine a Santa that is a baby?! This baby has trouble telling the elves what to do when it’s only a couple of days until Christmas. With the elves’ help, he learns to talk to them so they can understand and help Christmas still happen; but, will he stay a baby forever? Will he figure out a way to change back?

I laughed at several parts of this book because baby Santa says and does some silly things. I really liked the pictures because they are bright and cover the pages. I liked the story from the beginning to the end and know that kids of any age will enjoy reading Santa Baby!”

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Author Jonathan Stutzman, Illustrated by Heather Fox
Star Count 5/5
Format Hardcover Picture Book
Page Count 48 pages
Publish Date 2020-09-08
ISBN 9781250255617
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Issue October 2020
Category Children's


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