Rescue Mutts: Bohdi’s Aspen Adventure

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Bohdi is a dog who got adopted by Taylor and her grandfather, Amos. Indy is a dog that already lives with them. Bohdi has had a bad experience with humans, so he keeps thinking he will leave Taylor and Amos, and Indy doesn’t seem to care whether he leaves or not, but Indy knows that Taylor and Amos will care. When Taylor and Amos get invited to a dog show’s victory party, Taylor and Spencer, the son of the dog show’s owner, take the show dogs and Bohdi to try to get Spencer’s dad to pay attention to him. But when they crash, everyone has to work together to find each other. Amos has to work with Spencer’s dad, whom he doesn’t like, to find Spencer and Taylor; and the dogs have to work together, too, to find a way back to Spencer and Taylor, even though Bohdi doesn’t get along with the show dogs at first.

This is a fun story about teamwork and friendship. It is about overcoming your differences and learning to get along. The dogs – and the people – learn to value each other and their different talents and abilities. The dogs and the humans have amazing adventures while they are trying to find each other. Amos and Spencer have a dangerous encounter with a mountain lion, and Bohdi and the other dogs encounter a pack of wolves. There was plenty of suspense, because the characters were in danger, so you are kept on the edge of your seat while you are reading. The plot moves fast, and there is a lot of action. You really come to like the characters because of their different personalities and thoughts.

This book is not exactly realistic, because the dogs talk to each other; they don’t talk to the humans, but they can understand them. There is no magic, so the story is a believable adventure set in the Rocky Mountains. It is really nice that Bohdi develops his friendship with Indy by the end and that everyone realizes they shouldn’t make judgments about people who are different than them – that if they try to get to know them, they may find they can be friends after all.

This book is pretty short, but it is just the right length for this adventure. If you like animals, you will love reading about Bohdi and his new friends. And maybe you will want to go find a rescue mutt of your own!

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Author Andrew Kole
Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 151 pages
Publisher Rescue Mutts Press
Publish Date 2017-Oct-03
ISBN 9780999091500
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Issue October 2017
Category Tweens


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