Remember Me

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Remember Me is the sequel to Find Me. Although it is not imperative that you read Find Me first, it is highly recommended. Wick Tate returns with another murder case. As she races to solve the mystery in her small town, she deals with the aftermath of the last novel and new revelations surrounding her mother’s death. Wick has all the things that should make her happy–her little sister, Lily, and her new adoptive mother, Bren – but it doesn’t hide the fact that she has many secrets and someone that is threatening to spill them.

Remember Me has many of the elements of Find Me. It has the witty character Wick and her caring boyfriend, Griff. She is still dealing with the PTSD she developed from Find Me and from her mother’s suicide. The book is fast paced and equally as thrilling as the first book. The writing is just as sarcastic and witty as the first one. Unlike the first book, the second has more unexpected twists and turns, and there was even a moment in the book that I was not expecting at all. There were a few things I did not like, however. I did not like the addition of the character Milo. He complicated things more than anyone would have liked. Also, there were many loose ends by the time I finished the book. I sure hope there is a third book, because the ending to this one was not satisfying – I cannot wait for it to come out.

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Author Romily Bernard
Star Count 3.5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 368 pages
Publisher HarperTeen 
Publish Date 23-Sep-2014
ISBN 9780062229069
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Issue November 2014
Category Young Adult


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