Ratpunzel (Animal Fairy Tales)

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This book is the story of Rapunzel, except with a rat. When Ratpunzel was born, the cruel cat came and took her away from her parents, because the father had gotten some seeds from the forest to give to his wife, but the cruel cat caught him and made him promise to give up his firstborn child. The cat hid Ratpunzel in a tower, and the cat got up there by her very long tail. One day, Prince Ratdolph heard Ratpunzel singing and decided to visit her every night. He brought a rope she was supposed to use to weave a ladder to escape. But one day, Ratpunzel said to the cat that he was much heavier than the prince to pull up, so the cat threw her out waited for the prince. When the prince came, the cat threw him into a thornbush and he was blinded. But he found Ratpunzel and her tears healed him and they got married.

I like this telling of Rapunzel because I like the tale of Rapunzel. But I didn’t like the pictures very much. I thought it was funny that they were rats and a cat, and it was Ratpunzel’s tail that was so long, instead of her hair.

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Author Charlotte Guillain
Star Count 3/5
Format Hard
Page Count 24 pages
Publisher Raintree
Publish Date 2/1/2014
ISBN 9781410961129
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Issue March 2014
Category Children's


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