Questions Asked

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Questions Asked is a book about questions with many subsequent questions and no definite answer. You have to think deeply to answer these questions, and when you try to answer these questions more and more questions will come to you rather than answers. For example, where does the world come from? and how is it made? Who made it? and how did he or she make it? Is the person who made it a he or she? And so on. It is a very thoughtful book that makes us think more than just read. These are great questions to answer, and it helps you and your family to have a meaningful conversation. My dad asked me to think at least five minutes before reading the next questions; it was so tough, but it made me think about how the world is full of puzzles. I wonder, were these questions first asked by these authors? No, these questions have been asked for many, many years, from the day humans started living here. I even wonder, do only humans think about these questions, or do animals, too? My favorite question is, “Do ghosts and angels exist?” And my answer is no because no one can prove that. At least, I think so. At the same time, I am afraid of darkness, too!! The illustrations are very good and blend with the reader’s thoughts. The author did a great job of compiling all these questions. It is a great book–read and enjoy it.

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Author Jostein Gaarder • Akin Duezakin, Illustrator • Don Bartlett, Translator
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 72 pages
Publisher Elsewhere Editions
Publish Date 2017-May-09
ISBN 9780914671664
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Issue June 2017
Category Children's


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