Priscilla and the Sandman

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A little girl named Priscilla can’t go to sleep until she starts to count sheep. A Sandman, who looks like a man with a cat face and a top hat, takes her to the land of sweets in her dream. In the Land of Sweets, it rains jelly beans, you can ski on Sno-Cone Hill, and cars are made of candy bars. There are ice cream mountains, pancake trampolines, and donut tire swings. The Sandman tells Priscilla that she is the Gumdrop Queen of the Land of Sweets.

I liked Priscilla and the Sandman because of the illustrations. They look so real and give you a good picture of what the Land of Sweets looks like. I like that Priscilla’s stuffed bunny is in every picture, and I had fun looking for him. I read this book while eating animal crackers, just like the ones that are performing for the Gumdrop Queen. I think that Priscilla is drawn to look like the author’s daughter, and the Sandman cat probably looks like her pet cat.

I would recommend this book to all little kids who want to have sweet-as-sugar dreams.

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Author Anders Roseberg • Anders Roseberg, Designer • J. L. Pangier, Editor • Ashley Spilker, Editor • Christine Nelson, Editor • Danilo Parajes, Illustrator
Star Count 4.5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher Anders Roseberg
Publish Date 2017-Jan-01
ISBN 9780998232317
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Issue March 2017
Category Children's


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