Princess in Disguise: A Tale of the Wide-Awake Princess

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This is the fourth book in the Wide-Awake Princess series. In this book, Annie and Liam are supposed to get married, but there are lots of problems that they have to figure out before they can do so. Like, why their guests aren’t showing up. Or, why Snow White and Cinderella have rashes. And, why her wedding dress suddenly falls completely apart. Or, why there is a huge storm. Annie and Liam have to seek out the help of fairy Moonbeam, but Annie has to use her brain and her skills, not just magic, to get out of trouble and fix things.

I liked this book even though I have not read the other books that came before this one. It’s pretty cool that other characters like Cinderella, Snow White, and others show up in this story. Once you get used to reading about them, it’s not too weird that they show up. I liked how Annie is able to figure things out and not just rely on a magic fairy to help her out of trouble. This book would be good for girls and boys about 8 to 10. You don’t have to have read the previous books to enjoy this one.

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Author E. D. Baker
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 224 pages
Publisher Bloomsbury USA Childrens
Publish Date 31-Mar-2015
ISBN 9781619635739
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Issue May 2015
Category Tweens


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