Prince of a Frog

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Prince of a Frog is about a frog named Hopper, who doesn’t fit in at the pond. He loves to play, sing and the others think he is odd. Hopper wonders what is wrong with him and a wise old turtle tells him that maybe he is a prince who was turned into a frog. Hopper needs to find a princess to kiss him. But Hopper doesn’t even know what a princess is. Hopper goes off to find a princess. He finds a woodpecker, a skunk and a hungry fox before he meets a dog. The dog saves him from the fox,then they play and sing together. The dog gives him a lick and says her name is Princess. Hopper is excited he has been kissed by a princess, but Hopper doesn’t turn into a prince after all.

I loved Prince of a Frog. It was really funny. My favorite part was when the frog found out the dog’s name was Princess, and her kiss was a big lick. The illustrations are colorful and detailed. I was able to read it on my own, and I liked that. When the animals talked, the writing was in word bubbles.

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Author Jackie Urbanovic
Star Count 4.5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher Orchard Books
Publish Date 26-May-2015
ISBN 9780545636520
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Issue June 2015
Category Children's


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