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Primer tells the story of a girl named Ashley in Washington, DC. Her father is a criminal in jail who taught her how to crack safes. Ashley meets new foster parents and goes to live with them. Her foster dad is an artist, and her foster mom is a geneticist. Ashley is about to turn thirteen. Her foster parents promise her a birthday surprise, so Ashley looks for her birthday present. She opens their safe and finds a boring briefcase full of paints. She sprays an air mister in her face, and then she opens the tubes of paint. She thinks they are body paints, so she rubs them on her arms. Her friend Luke asks why she’s floating. The paints are super-powers! Each paint has a different power, like super strength, super stretch, fire, and ice. If the paints get into the wrong hands, they might be very dangerous. A soldier who knows about the super-power paints finds out who Ashley is and wants to get the paints back so he can take over the world. Ashley needs to trust her new foster parents, but her birth father wants her too. This is an exciting comic book about a girl superhero trying to get through middle school and fit into her new family!

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Author Thomas Krajewski and Jennifer Muro, with illustrations by Gretel Lusky
Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 160 pages
Publisher DC Comics
Publish Date 2020-06-23
ISBN 9781401296575
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Issue July 2020
Category Sequential Art - Kids


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