Porridge the Tartan Cat and the Brawsome Bagpipes

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When Porridge was a kitten, he fell into a can of tartan paint. Since cats don’t like to take baths, he has never washed it off, so he looks like a tartan cat! Porridge lives with the McFun family. The twins, Ross and Isla, have to go stay with Gadget Grandad for a week. They think it will be very boring, but they are in for a surprise! Gadget Grandad gets a message on his phone, and the adventures begin!

Fergus McFungus (Grandad’s arch-enemy) wants to steal a book called The Splotter’s Guide to Cooking Up Trouble. It is the chief spy’s recipe book, full of really bad secret secrets! Fergus heads toward The Secret, Mysterious, Volcanic Island With No Name to get the book. Although Fergus doesn’t get the whole book, he does end up with page 99, but it is the most dangerous page of all!

Will Grandad be able to stop Fergus McFungus before he destroys the world?! This book is full of funny pictures that complement the hilarious story. My favorite part of the story is when Porridge keeps falling into the sink, which is full of water!

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Author Alan Dapré • Yuliya Somina, Illustrator
Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 152 pages
Publisher Kelpies
Publish Date 2017-Apr-15
ISBN 9781782503552
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Issue August 2017
Category Early Reader


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