Pixar Animation Studio Artist Showcase Over There

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Shredder is a shrew. (Shrews are interesting. Some are venomous.) His pet is an acorn. (It’s an acorn! An acorn does nothing.) Shredder’s swing is a rubber band. The insects are not noisy. They are ladybugs and a praying mantis. Shredder has no friends. He feels lonely. He sees a gleaming place. He decides to go there. A shrew is tiny, so everything looks huge. He’s in a backyard. He climbs a fence. He needs to go in the water. The shiny object is a tinfoil pie plate. Shredder calls it a boat. He floats in it. The boat sinks. Nosey pulls him out. Nosey is a mole. They dig. They hide inside a shoe. (They think it’s a cave.) They walk and talk. Now that they are friends, the insects are filling the air with music instead of making too much noise. Reading this book was better when I was reading it with my mom. My favorite picture is the cute picture with Nosey saving Shredder. Everybody would like this book – who likes shrews, I guess, shrews who wear clothes and walk on two feet. It’s not scary. This book is simple. I can read it myself.

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Author Steve Pilcher, Steve Pilcher, Illustrator
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 40 pages
Publisher Disney Press
Publish Date 23-Sep-2014
ISBN 9781423147930
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Issue October 2014
Category Children's


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