Penguins Don’t Wear Sweaters!

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Penguins eat fish, they run away from seals, they dive into the water, they cuddle, and they waddle. This book is about how penguins are content with their lives until a boat comes through spurting oil. Now the penguins try to jump into the water, and they come out all oily. People feel bad for the penguins, so they knit them sweaters and put them on the penguins. The book ends with them realizing penguins do not wear sweaters because they’re penguins. They’re not meant to wear sweaters. I love that on every page there’s so much to see. On one page, there are so many cute penguins and pink, bubbly baths with sweaters and sponges. On another page, it’s about before where the penguins are happy, diving deep down in the sea. There are cute fish, jellyfish, and even a seal. Every time you read the book, you see something new. I love all the amazing sweater designs, so colorful and pretty. They look even cuter with the penguins wearing them. Penguins are adorable! And if you like them, you’re going to like this book.

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Author Marikka Tamura • Daniel Rieley, Illustrator
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher Nancy Paulsen Books
Publish Date 2018-Jan-16
ISBN 9781101996966
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Issue April 2018
Category Children's


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