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The book Pandora is a story about a fox named Pandora who lives alone in a land of broken things. She made herself a house and then fixed everything she could fix. One day, a bird fell from sky and Pandora helped the sick bird get well. Soon, the bird brings interesting things from the faraway places she flew. After a few days, once the bird recovers, it flies away. Pandora is very sad, but something wonderful happened from bird’s faraway gifts–a plant grew and then the place became a land of living things, and Pandora was not alone anymore. Pandora was very lively but was sad when her bird friend did not come back. Pandora was a very creative character, not just because she fixed everything she found–from my view, I never faced a character like this in any book I came upon. I like how the author expressed strong emotions with her words; they were short but sweet and made me feel like I was in Pandora’s shoes. The highlight of the book is the illustrations because the pictures were big, bright, bold, and beautiful and made me want to jump in it because it was really beautiful. I think this book would not make a good series because this book is unique, special, and can never be copied or reproduced by others. I would recommend this book because it made me feel cozy and warm. Pandora is a great book, so go ahead and read it.

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Author Victoria Turnbull
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher Clarion Books
Publish Date 2017-Apr-04
ISBN 9780544947337
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Issue May 2017
Category Children's


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