Pack Your Bags, Maggie Diaz

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Things are better than ever for Maggie Diaz. She and her friends, Julian and Zoey, are closer than ever, her grades aren’t made, and she’s found her thing: running. And she can’t wait for the seventh-grade three-day field trip to Saint Augustine. But when Julian gets a crush on the new girl, Vanessa, Zoey, Julian, and Maggie’s friendship starts falling apart. Maggie’s in the middle of a love triangle and is stressed out and doesn’t know how it’s all going to turn out. And if Julian or Zoey start dating somebody, where would she belong? Would she be the third wheel? And now Maggie likes Eerie Eddie.
Things get worse. Zoey’s grades start dropping, and if she can’t keep them up, she won’t be able to go to Saint Augustine. How can Maggie fix this?

If I would have seen this at the library or at a bookstore, I wouldn’t have been interested in it because the cover is too pink and “sparkly”, but it’s a good book. I was wondering about the characters and how things were going to turn out. This story feels like it could happen in real life. In the edition I read, there weren’t illustrations where there were going to be, and sometimes the drawings tell the story, so there were some small gaps that I was missing. But the illustrations that I did see fit the story well. I wish I knew more about the other characters.

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Author Nina Moreno, Courtney Lovett
Star Count 3.5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 272 pages
Publisher Scholastic Inc.
Publish Date 07-Mar-2023
ISBN 9781338818611
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Issue March 2023
Category Tweens