One Tiny Treefrog: A Countdown to Survival

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One Tiny Treefrog follows the life of a red-eyed treefrog in the Rainforest. This incredible journey starts as a small clutch of eggs are laid on a leaf above water and must hatch and survive life in the harsh waters below. Sadly, the survival rate of tadpoles to grow into an adult frog is very slim.

This book is beautifully illustrated and shows the many predators of the red-eyed treefrog. I especially like how they are labeled in the pictures, as well as how more information is available about each in the back of the book.

While I enjoyed the book, nature is very cruel and seeing the tadpole dwindle down is sad, but as we all know its survival of the fittest and the illustrations did a great job of showing differences in each one.

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Author Tony Piedra, Mackenzie Joy
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 40 pages
Publisher Candlewick Press
Publish Date 14-Feb-2023
ISBN 9781536219487
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Issue June 2023
Category Children's